Hospitality management

yields more with W-Solutions

Hospitality management is key for businesses in the leisure industry. But can you also succeed in optimizing your business in such a way that you can achieve what you want to achieve? At W-Solutions, you’ll find hospitality experts with years of experience in your industry. We identify the points for attention in your business and provide insight with our W-S Scan. And if you wish, we can implement the changes to make the improvements. Because properly implemented hospitality management will also yield more for your company.

From advice to implementation

From advice to implementation; that’s what you can expect from W-Solutions. Because we don’t stop with an action plan – we carry out that action plan. That way, we help you achieve your goals. Do you prefer to first determine those goals? Or fine-tune your business vision? That is also a possibility. We are here for you with business advice to create insight, with interim management to carry out concrete actions for improvement but also with coaching. Then we help you move forward so you can do what needs to be done. You determine the services we provide.

Interim management: full concept and personal

With interim management, W-Solutions guarantees a personal approach in which we analyze all the aspects of your business: full concept. We can quickly spot the points for improvement; from the operational processes to layout of the location but also the employees, their training, the customer journey, the numbers and more. That analysis provides insight and concrete plans for improvement.

Hospitality, cinemas and other clients

We also carry out those concrete plans. At W-Solutions, that is also a full concept. From idea to implementation, in which we cover every detail and embrace unorthodox ideas. We do so for various client such as hospitality companies, cinema chains and suppliers and organizations in the entertainment and leisure industry. Geared towards entrepreneurship in these industries, we help businesses move forward and make the people working in those businesses stronger.

WS Scan: from to do to done

he WS Scan is a practical and realistic business scan that we run for your business. Not an obscure plan full of vague one-liners, but a clear analysis in which we list the points for improvement and link them to concrete actions. This scan is the starting point, for us when we implement the changes or for you when we coach you in the process.

Let’s get together!

Do you want an organization in which hospitality management helps you move forward, allowing you to achieve more? Then we would love to help you with new insights and concrete support. Let’s get together for a non-binding introduction. Contact us!