Consultancy & Coaching

so that you can spend more time on the right things in your business

Achieve more, discover new opportunities or develop a new vision. This is part of doing business, but these things can get lost in daily activities. With the coaching and consultancy provided by W-Solutions, we can help you to spend time on the right things. So that you can do better business, and achieve better results.

From concept to implementation

What is important for good business is direction. A vision the company has to work towards. Businesses often have this vision when they start out, but developments in the market and the company demand constant adjustments. And often there is no time allowance for this. Which is understandable, but not profitable. That’s why we do it. With a business plan and a detailed vision. From concept to implementation, we coach and advise entrepreneurs, to help them achieve their goals.

What is your ambition?

We are there for you as a coach, and as your sparring partner. With an honest, practical approach and a listening ear, we add focus to your motives and help you crystallize your ambition again. Or restructure those if needed. We challenge you and help you set a strategy with the actions to be taken. That includes your entire scope; from shareholders and other stakeholders to the management and employees in your organization. In short: we put you to work, but we are always here if you want to exchange thoughts, need advice or another fresh idea.

Just coaching? Or coaching and implementation?

With coaching, we help you structure your ambition, add focus or set a new course. Whatever you need. We enable you to do so. And if the implementation is too much to handle? We can handle it for you. As an interim manager, we regularly carry out improvement projects for businesses in the leisure industry. That is something we would be happy to do for you if you haven’t got around to it.

Excel and maximize your operating results

The foundation of W-Solutions is operational management and hospitality. Years of expertise in the leisure industry has made us specialists who help businesses excel and maximise their operating results. We do so for our clientsin the hotel industry, holiday parks, event centres and cinemas, but also in retail.

Let’s get together!

With coaching and consultancy, we provide custom service so that we can guide you and your organization towards best results. How we do this? It depends on what you want. So let’s meet. Call or email us, so we can get to know each other soon.